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December 16 2022

A Year in Review with RollKall

RollKall had a great 2022 and we are thankful for all of the agencies and officers that helped us along the way this year. We are thrilled to continue supporting law enforcement in any way we can. 

Here are some of this year’s highlights:

Honoring Those That Are Legendary

This year to honor our heroes in blue, we asked you for stories of your favorite LEOs and why they make your communities a better place. The response was heartwarming and overwhelming. We picked 6 standout officers and turned their stories into superhero illustrations to show our thanks!

Meet our winners!

RollKall Updates to Write Home About

The most impactful product updates of 2022 were built based on feedback from you. Here are a few of our favorites: 

  • Creating jobs to cover multi-day events with positions posted across multiple days
  • Enabling officer replacement, where officers can cover call-offs by finding their own replacement
  • Setting up zones, making it easier to create, manage, and report on jobs over a broad area
  • Implementing a call-off grace period, defining how far out an officer can call-off without being responsible for finding their own replacement
  • Adding a view only role that gives users the ability to view jobs and assignments but prevents them from making unwanted changes
  • and many more you can read about here... 

Integrating CopLine into the RollKall Mobile App 

One of the most exciting parts of building a mobile app is being able to partner with organizations through integrations. This year, we started implementing new integrations to support LEO’s and off-duty work with one that is near and dear to us all with CopLine.

CopLine is a confidential, 24/7 hotline connecting officers to vetted, trained law enforcement retirees that are there to provide support for anything from a “bad day” to a full-blown mental health crisis. They provide peer counseling service for callers dealing with the stressors of policing encountered on duty and off duty. Officers can access CopLine directly through the RollKall mobile app. With a touch of a button, officers can get in touch with a CopLine representative straight from the app. 

In Person with You

We met many of you in person at 2022’s events. We had so much fun attending Axon, NSA, MCCA, and IACP this year - to name a few - and enjoyed chatting about your off-duty needs and how we can better support officers in their continued service to their communities. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again next year.

We even hosted a few of our own events this year!

The first was the inaugural TopCop Three Gun Competition and Charity Shoot. We had a warm welcome from Houston’s best marksman in law enforcement, a great afternoon and most importantly, we were able to provide support to CopLine, a charity we care deeply about. 

We also hosted a Chief's reception for some of the US and Canada’s finest at The Star in Frisco, in tandem with the MCCA and IACP events that took place in Dallas this year. We loved spending an evening together to relax and have fun at The Star, where the Dallas Cowboys have their headquarters. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us. 


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

We’re looking forward to another great year at RollKall. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting announcements as we ring in the new year! To everyone in law enforcement and beyond, we send warm wishes this holiday season and a Happy New Year.

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