Easily find secondary employment in your area

The RollKall mobile app allows law enforcement officers to find off-duty jobs in their area and get more insight into the payments owed to them. We know finding extra duty jobs can be difficult, so we make it easy.

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Find Off-Duty Jobs

Finding off-duty work has never been easier. Simply search for jobs in your area and receive instant notifications on your phone when new jobs are posted. After youʼve found the shift youʼre interested in, check out the details including payment terms, and apply for the shift. Itʼs just that easy.


Logging your hours could never be easier. When you get on- site simply clock-in and we will log your location and start the clock running. After your shift is over, simply clock-out and weʼll stop the clock.

Get Paid Faster

COMING SOON. RollKall will soon be introducing RK Pay that allows businesses to quickly pay officers. Decide how often you want to get paid.

Know Who Owes You

RKPay allows businesses to quickly pay officers, and provides the insight and transparency officers need into the status of those payments. The best part? No more tracking down 1099's. We provide a single 1099 for you."


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Ready to find off-duty employment?

If you're a police officer download the RollKall app today – it's free.

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