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RollKall for Off-Duty Program Coordinators

Coordinate & Fill More Jobs with Technology Built for Managing Off-Duty, Extra-Duty, and Secondary Employment Programs

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Serving 59,000+ Officers & Deputies from 1,400+ Agencies
Irving Police Department
El Paso County Sheriffs Office
Cameron Parish Sheriff

A Better Way to Coordinate Off-Duty Jobs

RollKall’s powerful technology helps you fill more off-duty jobs and get paid faster.

Here’s how it works:

In the online portal, you’ll be able to schedule, post, and assign jobs, leveraging customizable automation options and setting your own coordinator fees.


Officers you work with download the app so you can coordinate jobs directly with them, plus you get access to our community of officers.


With RKPay, RollKall’s payment system, you can manage payments, view invoices, and more — all from one place.


Access on-demand, advanced reporting by client, project, officer, location, jurisdiction, or agency.

Coordinators Love RollKall

We’ve helped officers and deputies from more than 1,400 law enforcement agencies and have facilitated over 6.1 million off-duty jobs. Here’s what our coordinator clients have to say about RollKall:

"At first, the app was just used for scheduling and clocking in and out. Now, it has grown so much that the Officers are amazed about all that can be done with the app. I as a coordinator don’t have to answer about when they are scheduled or when they will be getting paid since now they can see their monies step by step. It got even better when RollKall began to offer InstantPay, which helps some officers who might need the money immediately. As far as scheduling, it is user friendly and makes life a lot easier when I am able to post jobs on the app. The RollKall staff is always available to assist with any questions."

Jessica Gomez

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Fill More Jobs, Faster

Save time and minimize paperwork with the all-in-one off-duty platform that allows you to:

  • Simplify job posting, invoices, and payments
  • Automate tracking, work schedules, and reporting
  • Work directly with your network of officers plus access officers outside of your personal network through our community of local officers, so you can fill more jobs, faster
  • Assign officers via manual assignment, first come first served, custom assignment groups, seniority, or the combination that works for you
all-in-one off-duty platform

Simplify the Payment Process

Manage scheduling and payments in the same place through our RKPay feature, which enables you to:

  • Manage payments to and from businesses, officers, and law enforcement agencies
  • Easily add coordinator fees
  • Streamline 1099 tax reporting
  • Access payment and invoice history
  • Provide officers access to InstantPay
  • Offer General Liability Insurance (up to $1 million per incident, terms apply)
RollKall app manage scheduling and payments

Customize Your Approach

Customize your approach to creating and assigning jobs with our flexible automation features that allow you to:

  • Segment the officers you work with and post specific jobs to different groups
  • Handpick officers for particular jobs (without posting them to your officer groups)
  • Build primary, secondary, tertiary, and holiday call lists and post jobs accordingly
  • Set recurring jobs for those that repeat regularly
  • Automatically repost a job if an officer calls off of a shift
RollKall app creating and assigning jobs

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