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Save Time and Easily Manage Your Off-Duty Process

RollKall is easy to use and saves coordinators valuable time. The platform simplifies every administrative aspect, from posting jobs to invoicing customers and ensuring faster payment for officers.

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Reduce tedious tasks

Ease the administrative commitment of coordinating off-duty. Quickly and easily post and assign jobs, fill call-offs, invoice customers and track and approve assignment hours. Reach officers through the app. No more texts, excel spreadsheets, post-it notes or manual tracking.


Support community connection

Free up your time to connect more of your community's businesses with off-duty resources. Provide an extra level of support to more companies, organizations and events with general liability insurance.

Assign jobs with fairness & flexibility

As the coordinator, you have the visibility and control necessary to ensure off-duty jobs are assigned fairly and running smoothly. Convenient dashboards let you see every detail of every job, so you know who’s working, who’s called off and who’s replaced them.

Ensure an Easy Off-Duty Process for the Businesses in Your Community

From requesting an officer to electronic payments, the RollKall platform helps the businesses you serve with a simple, straightforward process for scheduling and paying off-duty officers. 

Businesses gain access to:

  • Their own RollKall portal to request and view jobs
  • Electronic invoicing and ACH or credit card payment options
  • Access to general liability insurance
  • Alerts when the scheduled officer is on-site

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“It was easy to learn and, in no time, a job that would have taken about 50 minutes to input in our old off-duty management platform now takes about 10 minutes or less to input in RollKall.”

/ Lt. Mark Aristizabal / University of South Florida Police Department

RollKall enables coordinators to:
  • Specify policies, procedures and assignments for job eligibility 
  • Set agency, coordinator and equipment fees
  • Input all jobs and the details for each
  • Track and approve hours, invoices and payment 
  • Send customers one invoice for all fees 
  • Get general liability, workers’ compensation and occupational accident insurance


Schedule cross-jurisdictional officers

RollKall makes it easy to schedule off-duty with neighboring police departments when the need arises.

This can help staff large events that one department can’t always accommodate, and can help officers that would like more off-duty opportunities in surrounding communities.


"The ability to have an insurance policy is mandatory for a lot of these companies. Having the insurance included allowed me to finalize four new deals” 

/ Carlos Gallo / Harris County Sheriff's Office