Easily Manage and Schedule Off-Duty Officers

RollKall allows Coordinators and Law Enforcement Agencies to schedule and manage their off-duty jobs.

Easily Know Whatʼs Happening Across All Jobs

Your activity feed notifications will always keep you up to date.



Post notes are automatically shared, so everyone is in the know.



Coordinators and Agencies are notified of all officers applying for their jobs.


Clock In Time

See the exact time an officer clocked in for their shift, and whether they were on-time or late.


Clock Out Time

Did the officer leave early or stay late? Be in the know.


Job Assigned

Know when your job has been assigned to an officer, and review the officerʼs profile.


Call Off

When an officer calls off, we ensure youʼre notified as quickly as possible and assist in finding a replacement.


Job Cancellation

When a client cancels a job, we help pass that information to all officers working those upcoming shifts.

No Clock

No Clock In

Get alerts quickly when an officer is late or hasnʼt clocked in for a job.


Notification Options

Determine how and when you wish to be notified of alerts.

Quickly Post Jobs and Schedule Officers

Department Restrictions

Determine who can see your jobs and restrict visibility to officers from specific departments.

HUGE Officer Pool

RollKall works with thousands of officers across the country.

Review Applicants

View information on the officers applying for your jobs, including department, rank, and years of service.

Search for Officers

Assign officers directly to your jobs without posting them publicly.

Favorite Officers

Add officers to your favorites list and allow them to bypass getting approval for your jobs.

See Officer Ratings

Choose the best officers for your detail, and provide regular feedback on their performance for your jobs.

Thereʼs More

Manage your entire off duty program from a single interface,
and earn additional income.


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We work closely with thousands of officers across the country who trust us with their information and their security. We take this responsibility seriously, and therefore require that all coordinators be subject to both an interview and background check. Please note, that some departments do not permit active officers to coordinate jobs for fellow officers, so we would encourage potential coordinators to check with their respective departments prior to submitting an application to become a coordinator.
RollKall is only open to active duty law enforcement officers who are in good standing with their respective departments that permit their officers to work off-duty jobs. RollKall is not currently open to security guards or non-law enforcement individuals.
RollKall undergoes regular 3rd party security audits to ensure the safety and security of our clients and officers information
Payment details are provided for all jobs and can be reviewed prior to accepting or applying for a job.
RollKall currently works with thousands of officers and understands how frustrating for an officer when they arenʼt selected for a particular detail. We encourage our officers to fill out their profile as completely as possible, and also form direct relationships with coordinators in their area to help promote themselves for opportunities. We will be introducing “Ratings” soon, which will also help promote those officers who perform an exceptional level of service.
SPREAD THE WORD to your fellow officers and coordinators and encourage them to post their jobs on RollKall. There is never any cost to coordinators or officers and the more jobs in RollKall, the more opportunities you have of working a detail.
As part of a larger roll-out to new coordinators, departments, and agencies, RollKall is re-verifying all officers to ensure they are still in good standing with their respective departments. If any information has changed, itʼs important that you update your profile.
RollKall verifies an officerʼs status through their respective state or local agency. The turnaround on this can range from 1-10 days.
In order to expedite the verification process and also ensure that only LEOʼs have access to work details in the RollKall platform, we require a picture of a government issued ID. This ID is not shared with any agency or coordinator, and is only utilized to expedite the verification process. All IDʼs are secure and encrypted.
Great, please reach out to us at sales@rollkall.com. RollKall will always be free for both coordinators and official law enforcement agencies.
RollKall is not meant to be a guard management software and can only be utilized to manage those jobs where an active duty law enforcement officer is utilized. Please contact us at sales@rollkall.com for more information.

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