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RollKall Managed Services

Off-Duty Coordination, Managed by RollKall

Take a hands-off approach to off-duty coordination. With RollKall Managed Services, we handle all the details.

Talk to an Expert
Let RollKall do all of the work for you.  Get white-glove service and support with all the benefits of the RollKall platform.

Job Requests
The RollKall team receives job requests, ensures they comply with department policies and inputs them.

Job Application & Assignment 
Off-duty jobs are fairly distributed based on agency preferences. 

Invoicing & Payments
Invoices are sent directly to the business for payment and funds are distributed through our platform. A small fee is collected from the business.

Officers Working Off-Duty in a 1099 Capacity
All payments made to officers are consolidated into a single 1099-K for officers who work off-duty through RollKall. 

Access to on-demand reporting anytime by approved department personnel.


Let RollKall handle every detail

RollKall’s Managed Services for law enforcement takes the burden off the department by providing a world-class professional coordinator through RollKall at no cost to the agency. 

Your dedicated account coordinator will input and manage the jobs at the agency’s direction, see to it that officers are paid in a timely fashion and provide clear insight into your off-duty program.