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RollKall Managed Services

World-class off-duty management and administration service to handle your entire extra-duty program from end to end.

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Serving 59,000+ Officers & Deputies from 1,400+ Agencies
Irving Police Department
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Off-Duty Management Made Simple

The powerful combination of a dedicated service team, and state-of-the-art software platform, and a mobile application, puts control and transparency in the palm of your hands.


RollKall Off-Duty Management

Here’s how it works

Job Requests

Our team receives calls and job requests on behalf of your agency, ensures each job request is within agency policy, uses the RollKall platform to fill the jobs, and tracks compliance with department rules.

Job Application & Assignment

Our flexible platform enables the fair distribution of off-duty jobs based on your agency’s preferences. Assign jobs easily with pre-configured assignment groups, first-come, first-served basis, or automated based on factors such as hours, seniority, and more.

Invoicing & Payments

Invoices are sent directly to the business for payment and funds are distributed through our payment platform, RKPay. No fees are collected from your agency or officers. Instead, a small fee is collected from the business paying the invoice.


This process is simplified by consolidating all payments made to officers using our payment system into a single 1099-K for every officer who worked extra-duty assignments within the system.


The RollKall web portal provides on-demand reporting which can be accessed 24/7/365. Advanced on-demand reporting covers clients, projects, officers, agency, payment history, invoicing, and more.

Did you know?

RollKall’s powerful technology helps you fill more off-duty jobs and get paid faster.


1 Billion

We have enabled over $1 Billion in off-duty payments.


29.6 million

We have facilitated more than 29.6 million hours of off-duty jobs.


6.1 million

We have expedited over 6.1 million off-duty jobs.





Officers and deputies are connected to 1,400+ law enforcement agencies in 38 states.

Enable Your Agency

Save time, resources, and hassle, at no additional fee to your agency, while remaining compliant and transparent concerning extra-duty workforce requirements.

What you get:

  • No-cost pricing structure for your agency with RMS fees paid by the business requesting the service
  • Transparency and visibility into your off-duty program with on-demand and advanced reporting 
  • Officer accountability through GPS-tracking and clock-in/clock-out system
  • Policy compliance regarding hours worked and types of businesses served
  • Access General Liability Insurance (up to $1 million per incident, terms apply)
  • Access payment and invoice reporting for your entire agency
Extra-duty workforce for officers

Your Officers Will Love RollKall

With nearly 1,000 iPhone and Android app store reviews, RollKall has a 4.7 Star Rating. Your officers simply download the RollKall app, set up their profile, verify their status with your agency, and then see a real-time feed of open jobs they can apply for.

RollKall Managed Services Offers Your Officers:

  • Job notifications pushed directly to the app
  • Access to job schedule and invoices
  • Ability to contact other officers working the same detail when notified
  • Streamlined 1099 tax reporting
  • Access to Direct Deposit
  • Ability to use Instant Pay (optional)
  • Access to Personal Injury Insurance (terms apply)
  • Access to Occupational Accident Insurance (optional)
law enforcement officers love RallKall

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