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Business Safety & Security

RollKall for Businesses and Individuals who Hire Police Officers

The law enforcement agency you work with to
hire police officers uses RollKall. Read below to
see what this means to you. 

RollKall, leading extra-duty management software, helps the agency manage scheduling, invoicing and payments for the safety and security they provide to your business or for your special event. Because they use RollKall, the benefits extend to you and your business, including:

  • Convenient Online Portal: Access all past and current job details and payment history in one place.
  • Staffing Status Visibility: See which officer(s) are assigned to each job, ensuring transparency and reliability.
  • Simplified Invoicing: When officers clock out of their jobs, invoices can be automatically created and sent to you for easy online viewing and payment. These invoices can be batched to include multiple jobs and their associated officer payments, as well as any coordinator fees or associated admin or service fees.
  • Easy, Online Payment: Use various payment methods, including credit card and ACH, to easily pay for your details. 
  • Pre-Pay Options: Available for better financial planning and budgeting.
  • 1099 Processing: RollKall automatically handles all applicable 1099 reporting and 1099-K issuance and distribution for officers, simplifying your tax obligations.
  • General Liability Insurance: Get coverage up to $11 million per incident, protecting both your business and the officers without affecting your insurance premiums (terms apply).

RollKall FAQs for Businesses

How do I set up my client portal?

Once an officer works a job through RollKall, they will submit an invoice to you at the end of their shift via email. After paying the invoice, you will be prompted to create an account. Once you have an account, you can request officers, view the details of all upcoming jobs across all of your locations and keep up with the coordinators or agencies you work with. (Client portal set up occurs during your first use only.) 

Why am I utilizing RollKall for the payment process when I'm hiring officers from the agency?

The law enforcement agency has chosen RollKall as a convenient and efficient solution to streamline the payment process. Payments are facilitated through the RollKall platform, opening up the ability for businesses to pay via ACH or credit card and allowing law enforcement agencies to accept electronic payments as well.

What are the fees listed on my invoice?

Service fee: This supports the ability to provide and maintain the technology and services offered, which streamline and ease the use and experience. 

Admin fees: These are fees determined by the law enforcement agency and can include anything involved in administration, management and equipment

Why am I receiving an invoice? I’m accustomed to paying the officer directly.

The law enforcement agency has introduced RollKall to facilitate off-duty for better transparency and a more efficient scheduling and payment process. Through RollKall, the agency automatically generates an invoice for every job. By centralizing transactions in one place, the agency maintains a comprehensive record of off-duty work and facilitates more efficient management and oversight of these details. 

I need to dispute an invoice. Who do I call?

Please call your contact or coordinator at the agency. If you need further assistance or can not reach your agency contact, please call RollKall at 855-765-5525.

Can I get RollKall's contact information to set up in our accounting system?

You may be required to set RollKall up as a vendor in your accounting system. If so, this is the contact information required: 

600 E Las Colinas Blvd Ste 900
Irving, TX 75039

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at clients@rollkall.com or call 855-765-5525.


RollKall Customer Service


For more information about RollKall, contact us and we will be in touch soon.