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Insurance for Off-Duty Jobs

Accidents Happen. When They Do, RollKall Has Your Back.

What happens if an accident occurs while your officer is off-duty? With RollKall, we’ve got you covered.

Take Advantage of RollKall’s Insurance Options

RollKall offers three main types of insurance to protect both officers and businesses should an incident occur.

Workers’ compensation

Off-duty comprises a significant portion of an officer’s overall income. Agencies want to know their officers are covered in the event of an incident while working off duty. That’s why RollKall offers workers’ comp to agencies on the RollKall platform. We have the most comprehensive coverage available among off-duty management providers.

While general liability is others focused – about protecting third parties impacted by the incident, workers' comp applies specifically to the worker and his or her well-being. Workers’ compensation is generous and long-lasting. It covers:

  • Lost wages
  • All medical expenses if an officer is injured
  • Legal Costs
Occupational accident insurance

Occupational accident insurance provides benefits to officers injured or killed in a job-related accident. It covers medical expenses and pays death and dismemberment benefits. 

Officers working off-duty in a 1099 capacity have the option to get occupational accident insurance on a job-by-job basis with any job invoiced and paid through RollKall. Should an accident occur, they can rest assured that medical bills will be covered.

General liability

General liability insurance protects the business owner and assets in the event an incident occurs during an off-duty job. It also covers medical costs in the case of injury to a person or persons by the officer in the line of duty.

Not all GL policies are created equally
Other off-duty management platforms carry “security-based” policies. This means coverage is limited to when an officer is acting in a security-only capacity, like as a visual deterrent. The expectation is that once an officer transitions to acting as a police officer, using his or her license to enforce the law, responsibility transitions to the law enforcement agency.

RollKall has taken the extra step to protect both LEAs and the businesses they serve by offering three tiers of broad coverage as the first line of defense on all jobs invoiced and paid through the platform.

RollKall offers generous general liability coverage
RollKall’s policy covers up to $1 million per party and includes access to an additional $10 million umbrella policy should the claim exceed this allotted sum. It is blanket coverage, which means coverage automatically extends to third parties, like law enforcement agencies and the businesses that are invoiced and pay through RollKall. Their general liability policies will be indemnified from responsibility.


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For more information on RollKall’s insurance coverage, contact us and we will be in touch soon.