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Plan Options

Simplify the Extra-Duty Process and Start Your Shift at RollKall

From scheduling to payment, RollKall offers comprehensive solutions for law enforcement agencies, coordinators, and officers. Agencies and coordinators access the RollKall platform via pc or mobile browser, while officers manage off-duty jobs, schedules and pay through the RollKall mobile app for officers. 

RollKall Plans

Choose the plan that fits your needs and start your shift at RollKall

Plans Page Bridge 3
No Cost to LEA or LEO
The agency manages the program
on the RollKall platform
RollKall Managed
The RollKall team manages the program
on the agency’s behalf
Hybrid Option
The agency chooses the parts they
want to manage and the rest
is done by the RollKall team
Job and event scheduling,
postings, call offs,
group assignments
LEO is paid when the vendor
pays the invoice
LEO is paid at the end of the shift
Past due invoice for InstantPay
(additional fee)
Reports detailing:
Officer schedules & time
card info, invoicing and
payments history,
payroll information
General liability insurance
Workers compensation
Occupational accident insurance
Collect vehicle and other
equipment fees used
Automated Tax Processing
W-9 documentation and
1099 distribution at year-end
Dedicated account manager
24/7 unlimited customer care
Online Knowledgebase

Shift to RollKall

Utilizing the RollKall platform opens up options that can effectively streamline 
your off-duty program and it offers advantages to officers, coordinators, your agency and the community you support. Connect with us to learn more. 




Would you like to continue managing your program internally? Utilizing the RollKall platform, agencies and coordinators can retain management of every aspect of each job including scheduling, invoicing, and payments, and reporting all in one place. It's easy to do-it-yourself!

RollKall Managed

Want to save agency resources managing your program? Let RollKall handle it all for you. Our dedicated team will "wear your patch" and manage all job details from taking requests from the community to scheduling, invoicing, payments and reporting. 


Want a flexible way to stay hands-on in the process without having to manage it all? With RollKall's hybrid model, the agency and coordinators can decide what they prefer to manage while the RollKall team manages the rest. It's a tailored solution allowing for another convenient option to meet your agency's needs. 



Payment terms are established by the agency, coordinator or the officer, and the payment is deposited into the officer's account when the business pays their invoice through the RollKall platform. 


With ExpressPay, officers are paid weekly for all jobs worked the previous week. Coming soon!


Officers can get paid even faster with InstantPay, where their pay is deposited into their account at the end of their shift. This feature is optional and is available to officers when the business pays their invoice online through the RollKall platform.


Jobs Reporting

With RollKall's preconfigured or customized reporting, agencies gain insight into past, current and scheduled officer hours, location overview, fairness compliance, shift assignments, equipment utilization, jobs offered in the department, and much more. 

Invoicing and Payment Reporting

Get full transparency into all invoicing and payment details with comprehensive financial reporting. Easily access payment history, invoice aging, detailed invoicing breakdowns, applied payment reports, and so much more. The RollKall platform efficiently saves and catalogs all invoices and payments, allowing you to filter and view reports based on specific parameters. 


General Liability

General liability insurance covers the business, officer and agency if damages to property or injury to persons are incurred in the event of an off-duty incident. RollKall offers a generous general liability policy covering up to $1 million per party with an additional $10 million umbrella policy should the claim exceed this allotted sum. This is included in all invoices paid through the RollKall platform. 

Workers' Compensation

Officers have workers' comp while they are on-duty with their department, but what happens if an incident occurs while they are working off-duty? RollKall's workers' comp policy covers medical expenses and lost wages if an officer is injured while working off-duty and those injuries cause them to be unable to work. This is optional coverage agencies can choose to extend to their officers through their chosen RollKall plan.

Occupational Accident Insurance

When working jobs that are invoiced and paid through the RollKall platform, officers have the option for occupational accident insurance. This is particularly beneficial when working off-duty jobs that may carry a higher risk. OAI covers medical expenses in the event an officer gets injured working off-duty. It also covers death and dismemberment. This optional coverage is extended to the officer at a small hourly fee and is only necessary if the officer is not covered by either  RollKall's or the agency's workers' compensation insurance. 


W-9 Documentation and 1099 Processing

For agencies that don't pay off-duty wages through payroll, RollKall collects and processes all W-9s and collects all tax information for the business and the officer.

When an officer or coordinator works as an independent contractor, it's essential for the business to file a 1099-MISC form with the IRS. RollKall simplifies this process, reducing administrative burden and time for clients and businesses. Without this service, clients and businesses would need to individually report 1099s for every officer they hire for off-duty work. Additionally, using RollKall means officers don't have to track down multiple 1099 forms at year-end, as all earnings and employers are consolidated into a single statement. This is available for all invoices paid through the RollKall platform. 

1099-K Distribution

1099-Ks are issued to officers at the end of the year for all off-duty jobs scheduled and paid through RollKall. Officers will receive one tax form with all of their necessary tax information and earnings. It not only helps officers file their taxes more easily but also helps the business track and administer W-9s and 1099-K issuance.

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