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RollKall Insurance FAQs

RollKall offers insurance coverage to law enforcement agencies, officers and businesses when an off-duty or extra-duty job is run through the RollKall platform. Read the most commonly asked questions and topics about insurance for off-duty jobs.*
General Liability (GL)

What is general liability coverage?

Just as the name indicates, this coverage is general and covers a host of things and all entities involved. General liability insurance protects the business owner and assets in the event of legal action against the business or its employees, including off-duty officers, if the claim comes as a result of the officer’s duties or actions. It also will pay for medical costs if a third party is injured on-premises.

What does RollKall’s general liability insurance policy cover?

RollKall’s General Liability insurance policy covers incidents that are:

  • Related to, or taking place during, the off-duty assignment.
  • Due to the actions of the off-duty officer.
  • Not an intentional act of violence or destruction.

What type of general liability policy does RollKall have?

There are three main forms of general liability insurance – basic, broad and special. As the name implies, basic only covers the bare minimum. Broad covers more but still has restrictions. Special covers all scenarios unless specifically noted otherwise. That is what RollKall offers.

RollKall’s “special form” GL extends to what’s called blanket additional insured. That means coverages are extended to third parties (in this case, law enforcement agencies and the businesses working through the RollKall platform) without having to name them on the policy or create specific policies for each business.

There is also a “blanket waiver of subrogation” in place. This means RollKall’s GL will automatically respond first, rather than the business’s GL, in the event the off-duty police officer causes an injury or property loss when he or she utilizes the RollKall platform. Through the “Add. Insureds Endorsement,” RollKall's policy becomes primary for the business or city if the police officer is sued for doing something wrong while under contract with Rollkall and Rollkall provided that officer to that business.

How much does RollKall’s GL policy cover?

RollKall’s GL policy allots $1M per occurrence and additional $10M umbrella coverage that protects the business, officer, and the department. (Terms apply.)

What does accidental or negligent damage to property caused by the officer while on an off-duty assignment entail?

Say, for example, an officer is in a situation where he must detain someone while on the off-duty assignment. During the act of trying to detain that individual, a window is broken. The cost to replace the window would be covered by the GL.

Does GL provide legal representation in the event of litigation resulting from an assignment?

Yes. The General Liability Policy will defend an officer for accused negligent acts provided he or she is on assignment for a job through RollKall. It will also defend the business he or she is assigned to if that business is brought into suit because of the off-duty police officer’s actions.

Does GL insurance cover accidental or negligent injury to others while on an off-duty assignment?

Yes. As long as the officer is working in an off-duty capacity. For example, say an officer is working off duty at an entertainment venue and needs to remove a drunk and disorderly patron. In the process, the officer injures the patron. The officer and business they were working for would be represented by the insurance company in legal proceedings. If the case is lost by the insurance company, the GL would pay the claim to the plaintiff.

Does the GL cover damage to police department property (like patrol cars) that the officer is using while on an off-duty assignment?

Yes, as long as the police car is hired through RollKall. The police car is covered for any damage it might cause to someone else’s property or if it causes bodily injury to someone. Damage to the police car is also covered as long as the police car has been hired through RollKall. Deductibles may apply.

Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI)

What is occupational accident insurance for officers?

Many departments do not cover costs related to injuries sustained off duty. Occupational accident insurance provides benefits to officers injured or killed in a job-related accident. It covers medical expenses and pays death and dismemberment benefits.

How does OAI work?

Officers are given the option to select OAI insurance every time they clock into an off-duty assignment through RollKall, allowing them the flexibility to make the decision on a job-by-job basis. If the officer opts in for occupational accident insurance, they pay 99¢ per hour to have any accidental injuries covered by RollKall’s OAI. Some law enforcement agencies require officers to elect OAI if they know department coverage will not extend to off-duty work.

Workers’ Comp

What is workers’ comp Insurance?

Workers’ comp is a form of insurance for pay replacement and medical benefits. Most of the time, a police officer’s workers’ comp insurance, provided by the agency, does not extend to off-duty work. Therefore, RollKall offers workers’ comp for officers when they’re working off duty.

How is RollKall’s workers’ comp insurance different from the workers’ comp officers receive when they are on duty?

Workers’ comp through RollKall works much like workers’ comp coverage provided by law enforcement agencies to replace lost wages when an officer is unable to work because of an injury sustained on the job.

Why is WC needed if the officer can use GL or OAI?

Neither general liability nor occupational accident insurance will replace lost wages while the officer is unable to work. Off-duty wages are an important part of an officer’s overall compensation, which is why RollKall makes it available to law enforcement agencies.

*The FAQs provide general information about coverage for various insurance policies and is not meant to be detailed or specific about the policies. To learn more about coverage, please call 855-765-5525 to talk with a RollKall Representative.