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Special Event Management

Create and manage large multi-day and multi-officer jobs in minutes

Save time scheduling, assigning and monitoring special events that require up to hundreds of officers covering a large area over multiple days. Let RollKall be your special events command center.

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Quickly Set Up the Job Details and Positions

Special events typically require a lot of officers and have many moving parts. Now it’s fast and simple to create job positions that span multiple days, and it’s easy to input any required equipment or other event details.

  • Allow multiple admins to see job details
  • Organize multiple positions needed over one, two, three or more days
  • Combine all job details in one place
  • Post open positions to the RollKall mobile app
  • Notify all scheduled officers of job updates and alerts at one time

Effortlessly Assign Officers

Fully staffing a large special event can be a huge undertaking. Assigning officers is easy with RollKall.

  • Notify officers of open positions
  • Officers can find and apply for positions on the RollKall app
  • Fill open positions through the RollKall app
  • Open up jobs to neighboring agencies
  • Prioritize positions by agency, rank, or other custom requirements
  • Clearly see what positions need to be filled
  • Officer-to-officer chat feature allows onsite, direct communication

Simplify Estimates and Invoicing for Clients

Easily manage budgets and payments at scale.

  • Get accurate estimates for the client and for city permitting
  • Collect pre-payments from clients
  • Confirm hours worked for all officers with easy invoice reconciliation
  • Present a single invoice to clients
  • Get officers paid quickly



Insurance for Special Events

Does the organization hosting the event require your officers to be insured?

When you use RollKall to process payments, you also get General Liability insurance that provides $13 million of coverage including $1 million per party to third parties like your client and your agency, plus an additional $10 million umbrella policy.

You can also provide additional coverage for your officers with Workers’ Compensation or Occupational Accident Insurance.