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RollKall for Law Enforcement Agencies

Build Community Trust with Our Transparent Off-Duty Management Platform

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Serving 59,000+ Officers & Deputies from 1,400+ Agencies
Irving Police Department
El Paso County Sheriffs Office
Cameron Parish Sheriff

Off-Duty Management Made Simple

If your agency wants to build relationships with local businesses and community members through your off-duty program, RollKall can help.

RollKall simplifies the management and oversight of off-duty police programs for law enforcement agencies, providing the transparency you need to build trust within your community.

Off-Duty Management

How it Works

With our easy-to-use platform, you can post jobs in minutes, save time through automatically posting recurring jobs, and assign officers manually or through our automation tools.

You can set departmental standards for the types of jobs available, number of hours, rank of officers who can apply, equipment required for each job, and more. RollKall will only allow eligible officers to apply for open jobs.

Once officers are assigned, they clock in and out of jobs using RollKall’s GPS-enabled mobile app— which helps you manage safety and compliance.

automatically posting recurring jobs how-it-works

Law Enforcement Agencies Trust RollKall

We’ve helped more than 59,000 officers and deputies from 1,400 law enforcement agencies work more than 6.1 million off-duty jobs. Here’s what our law enforcement agency clients have to say about RollKall:

"For our agency, RollKall has been outstanding. Every event in our city that is considered off-duty is managed through RollKall. RollKall allows us to have a platform that expedites job postings, officers’ ability to sign up, and our ability to serve the public with off duty officers, rapidly. The upgrades and features by the RollKall staff make this product second to none and has definitely simplified my demanding timeline for planning Special Events!"

Sergeant Joe Seaton | Special Events Supervisor | Irving Police Department

Connect with the Community

Founded by former law enforcement officers, the RollKall platform was specifically designed to enhance how off-duty programs are managed.

Our technology enables transparency, policy compliance, tracking, and enhanced safety measures for your off-duty program.

With these tools, your agency can provide maximum value to all parties — local businesses, community members, and everyone who is involved in managing your program — and off-duty officers can create safer neighborhoods, giving your community peace of mind.

RollKall platform for local businesses, community members

Manage Your Program

RollKall provides real-time insight into where your officers are working, how many hours they’ve worked, and how much money they’ve earned, with flexible settings to meet your agency’s unique needs.

  • Set up department policies, assignments, and officer staffing specifications
  • Assign officers via manual assignment, first come first served, assignment groups, seniority, or the combination that works for you
  • GPS-verified clock ins and clock outs for officer accountability (optional)
  • View advanced reporting by client, project, officer, location, jurisdiction, or agency
RollKall app provides real-time insight

Manage Your Payments

Simplify payment processes and increase auditability with RKPay, RollKall’s payment system.

  • Access General Liability Insurance (up to $1 million per incident, terms apply)
  • Access payment and invoice reporting for your entire agency
  • View reports on payment history, department invoices, and fairness
  • Simplify 1099 tax reporting with RollKall issuing each officer a single 1099 at year end for all jobs paid via RKPay
RollKall app Simplify payment processes

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