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From the law enforcement agency to city administration, RollKall simplifies off-duty at every level

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Executive and command staff gain oversight

Executive and command staff can rest easy knowing their agency’s off-duty program is running efficiently and in compliance with department policy. Robust reporting provides transparency into every aspect of off-duty and documentation of all hours worked prevents officer fatigue.

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Ease the administrative burden on coordinators

For the officers scheduling and managing off-duty, RollKall saves time and administrative hassle. Easily post job requests from businesses, assign officers and manage call-offs. Combine all officer, coordinator and department fees in one easy invoice - RollKall makes sure the right pay goes to the right place.

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Provide more off-duty opportunities to officers

RollKall opens up more off-duty opportunities for officers and the mobile app makes applying, working and getting paid quick and easy.

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Ensure an Easy Off-Duty Process for the Businesses You Serve

From requesting an officer to electronic payments, the RollKall platform helps the businesses you serve with a simple, straightforward process for scheduling and paying off-duty officers. 

Businesses gain access to:

  • Their own RollKall portal to request and view jobs
  • Electronic invoicing and ACH or credit card payment options
  • Access to general liability insurance
  • Alerts when the scheduled officer is on-site

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Give government administrators transparency to help mitigate risk and save taxpayer dollars

Local governments improve oversight and community reach

Rest easy knowing that officers aren’t working too much off-duty or overtime. RollKall documents every detail of every off-duty job, providing insight into off-duty activities and mitigating risk if and when an audit occurs.  

An efficient and transparent off-duty program further benefits the community by extending officers’ reach into the community outside of on-duty activities.

  • Incorporate more police into the community
  • Monitor off-duty hours and overtime
  • Mitigate audit risks

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Government finance teams save on administrative hassles

Streamline the administrative aspect of billing, payments and taxes through RollKall. For agencies that run any amount of off-duty through payroll, finance no longer has to worry about invoicing or payments.

All associated officer, coordinator and equipment fees are also distributed electronically to the appropriate account through the RollKall platform, eliminating any confusion over whether or not payments are being directed to the right place.

  • Save on-duty overhead
  • Eliminate time spent invoicing and reconciling payments
  • Distribute fees appropriately

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Government legal teams gain a partner in mitigating risk

Insulate the community and law enforcement agencies from risk in numerous ways. Documentation of all job details ensures officers aren’t working too much overtime and provides transparency into off-duty activity.

RollKall offers a generous general liability policy, workers’ comp and occupational accident insurance to all jobs invoiced and paid through the platform. This protects the officers and businesses they serve and also prevents a claim from hitting the agency's policy or the policy of the local governing body should an incident occur.

  • Maintain officer safety
  • Access robust documentation and reporting
  • Access general liability, workers comp and occupational accident insurance

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