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Fire Rescue & EMT

An Easy Off-Duty Solution for All First Responders

Whether operating independently or working with city stakeholders, RollKall provides a simple solution for Fire-Rescue and EMTs working off-duty jobs. 

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The RollKall platform and mobile app makes scheduling and invoicing off-duty jobs a breeze, with access to insurance and electronic payment capabilities.

Keep off-duty organized and combine jobs all in one place

Easily schedule large events with multiple roles 

Quickly generate invoices with electronic payment options for vendors

Access general liability, workers’ comp and occupational accident insurance

Fire and EMT enjoys the same features and benefits as our friends in law enforcement when it comes to using the mobile app to find and apply for jobs and using the platform to set up jobs and manage the details.


Easy Scheduling for Concerts, Races and Other Special Events

Managing Fire and EMT services at a special event can get complicated, particularly when the event requires multiple shifts over multiple days. Setting up large or multi-day events is quick and easy with the ability to organize multiple positions, roles and even required equipment. In-app chat functionality is also handy to keep 

Simplify Invoicing and Payments for Clients

Vendors can combine multiple invoices and pay multiple Fire and EMT providers at once. RollKall also opens up ACH, wire transfers and direct deposits so the payment process is convenient and easy for everyone. 

Access Insurance for Off-Duty Work

Sometimes an incident occurs during an off-duty assignment that may injure the Fire or EMT worker or cause damage to the business. RollKall offers workers’ compensation for Fire and EMT providers and general liability for the businesses they serve, so everyone is covered.