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RollKall Platform

Scheduling, Invoicing and Payments - All in One Place

The RollKall platform makes it easy for law enforcement agencies to fulfill the off-duty needs of their community and businesses in an efficient and transparent way.

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Streamline administrative tasks

With details and hours tracked on the platform, billing and administration are considerably easier.

  • Scheduling assignments is easy and fair
  • Manage any job large or small, from single-officer security details to large-scale special events
  • Create recurring jobs
  • Manually assign jobs, identify officer groups, set a required rank or schedule on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • Managing call-offs is quick and easy
  • In the event of an audit or city request, documentation and reporting are quick and easy to access
  • RollKall collects and processes all W-9s and tax documentation

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Fast and simple electronic invoicing and payments

Invoicing and paying through RollKall is easy, transparent and secure. 

  • All coordinator, agency, officer and equipment fees are included in one invoice
  • Officers generate an invoice upon completion of the detail 
  • Payments can be made by ACH or credit card - No more writing and mailing paper checks
  • Multiple or recurring invoices can be paid at once
  • Instant pay and direct deposit available for officers
  • Easily run payment history and invoice reports
  • Automated year-end 1099-K processing and distribution for jobs invoiced and paid through RollKall
Insights for compliance and transparency

With department policies and procedures established on the platform, RollKall helps ensure compliance, transparency and documentation of every detail. Coordinators and command staff gain a clear line of sight into off-duty to ensure officers aren’t overworked and jobs are distributed fairly.   

Records of every job and job detail are kept in the platform and easy to access for reporting needs.


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Gain peace of mind with access to insurance

Take advantage of RollKall’s insurance options to protect businesses and officers in the event an incident occurs. RollKall offers access to three types of insurance when invoices are paid on the platform:

  • General liability insurance covers $1 million per party and an additional $10 million umbrella policy if needed.
  • Workers’ compensation covers any legal fees, medical expenses or lost wages for an officer involved in an off-duty incident.
  • Occupational accident insurance (OAI) is available for officers working in a 1099 capacity, covering medical expenses and death and dismemberment.

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Getting set up and started is easy 

RollKall’s platform is an easy and user-friendly transition for vendors, officers and agency administrators. From coordinating schedules to receiving payment for invoices, RollKall’s customer experience team is with you every step of the way. The process includes three easy steps:

  1. Administrative training
  2. Officer onboarding
  3. Coordinator onboarding and vendor entry

Your dedicated customer experience manager and the RollKall support team are readily available 24/7 should any questions arise after the training period. 


RollKall listens

We are always improving to make off-duty easier. We take feedback very seriously to make sure our platform is easy to use and addresses all the off-duty requirements of every agency, coordinator and officer. As your needs change, we change with you. We address any user experience input and update our platform and app accordingly. For the latest updates, visit our product updates page.