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Law Enforcement Officers

Work More Off-Duty Assignments

Apply. Clock-in, Clock-out. Invoice. Get paid fast. All in one app.

Find and apply for more off-duty details

RollKall makes it easy to find and accept off-duty assignments. Officers don’t have to be physically present at roll call or first to respond to texts and calls from their coordinator. Find and apply for job assignments through the RollKall mobile app.

Get paid fast

RollKall allows businesses to pay invoices electronically, speeding up the payment process. As soon as the vendor pays their invoice, the payment process begins. 

Want to get paid even faster? Certain jobs on RollKall give you the option to get paid directly after you clock-out of your shift. With RollKall Instant Pay, you can choose to have your payment transferred directly into your bank account in as little as an hour.

Get peace of mind with off-duty Insurance

Agency insurance doesn’t always extend to off-duty work. RollKall provides access to workers’ comp and gives officers an option for occupational accident insurance for higher-risk details. 

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How it works

Simply apply for jobs from the mobile app…anytime, anywhere.

  • View job details and apply for jobs
  • Clock in and out
  • Chat with other officers on the same detail
  • Get job reminders and receive new job notifications
  • Get paid fast

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Read What Officers Have to Say About the RollKall Mobile App

Officers and deputies have worked more than 29.6 million hours of off-duty jobs with RollKall.

900+ Ratings, 4.7 Stars
App of the year

"This app is outstanding. I love all the reminders it sends and you can clock in and out with ease."

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RollKall iOS User

"From the moment I began using the RollKall App, and to this very day, I've never had a bad experience with the app nor Customer Service. Customer Service is Exceptionally Great. Emails are answered, and responses are quick. AWESOME APP. AWESOME SERVICE!"

RollKall Android User
Rollkall Rocks

"RollKall is the most up to date cutting edge application for officers to attain off duty jobs. I recommend it. It’s choice!"

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RollKall iOS User
Great App

"I have asked several questions and always get a quick reply and friendly staff. I love the app."

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RollKall iOS User
Outstanding App for LEOs

"Great way to find side jobs when you need the extra cash."

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RollKall iOS User
Highly Dependable & Pay in a Timely Manner

"They always pay us on time and they don't mess around. Thanks!"

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RollKall iOS User

"Words can not describe this amazing app. This app gives me life. Who ever came up with this app did a marvelous job."

RollKall Android User

"Great app! Something like this has been needed for years!!"

RollKall Android User
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