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April 19 2024

Dallas Police Department partners with RollKall to streamline off-duty job process

Irving, Texas - The Dallas Police Department (DPD) today announced its partnership with RollKall, a leading provider of extra-duty management software solutions.

Use of RollKall will help to streamline and automate the Department’s off-duty job program, benefiting both law enforcement and the businesses and entities that hire Dallas Police employees for off-duty details. 

The implementation of RollKall will provide a platform for officers, DPD professional staff, coordinators, and the public to request and coordinate off-duty jobs. Once implemented, all off-duty jobs will be scheduled through RollKall.

Chief Eddie Garcia of the Dallas Police Department and current President of the Major Cities Chiefs Association, said,

"The safety and well-being of our employees and the community we serve are paramount. Partnering with RollKall allows us to achieve greater oversight, transparency, and compliance in our off-duty program, ultimately helping to improve public safety and coverage across the city."

The key benefits for Dallas PD and the City of Dallas will realize with the RollKall platform include:

  • An easy-to-use platform to schedule, post, view and apply for off-duty jobs in one location.
  • A public-facing process for businesses to request officers and professional staff.
  • A platform that can be accessed through a computer or smartphone.
  • Improved officer safety: By gaining deeper insights into officer schedules and workload, DPD can work to further ensure officers are not overworked - crucial to their effectiveness in serving and protecting the community.
  • Enhanced accountability: RollKall's software will empower the DPD and the City of Dallas with a comprehensive view of their extra-duty program. This level of transparency will enable better decision-making, resource allocation, and program optimization.
  • Online payments for expense reimbursement: The RollKall solution offers convenient, online payments processing that makes it easier for the City of Dallas to collect payments for the use of department equipment used for special events and extra job details.
  • Policy compliance: RollKall includes policy enforcement features that will aid in ensuring that all extra-duty assignments adhere to departmental policies and regulations, thereby increasing compliance and accountability.
  • No taxpayer burden: It is important to note that the cost of implementing RollKall's software will not be borne by taxpayers. Additionally, there will be no added charges for Enhanced Neighborhood Patrols (ENP), Homeowner Associations (HOA), or Non-Profit organizations who hire additional officer patrols.
  • The platform will allow ENPs, HOAs, and non-profit organizations who have established relationships with officers to continue those working relationships.

RollKall Founder, Chris White, shared his thoughts, stating, "We founded RollKall with the mission of simplifying and optimizing extra-duty work for law enforcement agencies and the businesses that rely on their services. RollKall is designed to provide improved visibility, streamlined processes, and reduced administrative burdens. We are proud to partner with the Dallas Police Department and look forward to supporting their extra-duty program."

RollKall CEO Brad Duea added, "Our collaboration with the Dallas Police Department underscores our commitment to providing innovative solutions that benefit both law enforcement and the businesses they serve. We are excited to support Dallas in their mission to deliver a best-in-class extra-duty program."

Beyond enhancing coordination, support, and community engagement, this partnership will streamline the off-duty management process, setting new standards for compliance, efficiency, and effectiveness.

DPD remains committed to the safety of our city while officers are on duty, and now, to improving the off-duty jobs program, that not only benefits our employees, but supports the needs of the entire Dallas community.

The Department is working with RollKall on the roll out of the platform, and will be providing outreach, education and training to vendors, businesses and DPD employees on how to use the platform.


Find the press release on Business Wire here.

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