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January 17 2024

RollKall Adds Derek Beckman as CRO, Ben Poch Takes on CIO Role

Irving, Texas - RollKall, the industry leader of innovative extra-duty law enforcement technology solutions, has announced a significant addition to its leadership team with the appointment of Derek Beckman as Chief Revenue Officer. This move is a strategic step in RollKall's journey towards greater innovation and community impact.

Derek Beckman comes from a diverse background encompassing financial services, sports media, logistics, and blue-collar staffing, and brings a rich tapestry of experiences to RollKall. His career highlights include impactful roles at Deloitte Consulting, ESPN Digital Media, Uber Eats, and Workrise (formerly RigUp), where he demonstrated exceptional skills in scaling operations and strategic planning.

Noteworthy among his career milestones is his impactful tenure at Uber Eats, where Derek started and led the restaurant growth team. This encompassed overseeing sales, account management, onboarding, and customer support teams, demonstrating his exceptional skills in scaling operations and strategic planning. Derek played a pivotal role in making Los Angeles the first city to reach 1,000 restaurants among all Uber Eats locations. Additionally, he led the Uber Eats launch and managed the partnership with McDonald's across Southern California, marking the first enterprise partnership for the food delivery service. His leadership was instrumental in driving marketplace growth and optimizing pricing strategies.

Beckman's appointment is particularly significant for its alignment with RollKall's mission. His passion for initiatives that foster economic growth and empower communities resonates deeply with the company's mission. Beckman expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Joining RollKall is a natural progression in my career, and I am excited to contribute to a company that supports our law enforcement heroes and enhances public safety."

In addition to Beckman's appointment, RollKall is also excited to announce that Ben Poch, co-founder of RollKall, will develop new market opportunities in his role as Chief Innovation Officer. Poch has served in various roles within the company, including his current prominent position on the board. With his diverse background in startups and as an entrepreneur and technology virtuoso, Poch is poised to lead RollKall's path towards growth and innovation in the coming years.

This announcement comes as a follow-up to the hiring of Brad Duea as CEO and President of RollKall in December. Duea commented on Beckman's appointment, "Derek's remarkable track record of scaling businesses and his visionary leadership are exactly what RollKall needs at this pivotal moment in our growth. His strategic insight and operational expertise will be invaluable as we continue to innovate and expand our services to support law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve."

Chris White, RollKall Founder and Chairman of RollKall's board, highlighted the strength of these appointments. "The addition of Derek to the leadership team and Ben’s new role, coupled with Brad's leadership, solidifies our commitment to innovation and excellence. We are poised for an exciting phase of growth and societal contribution."

Beckman's expertise in scaling multi-billion-dollar businesses and Poch's innovative vision are expected to propel RollKall into its next phase of growth, underlining the company's commitment to supporting law enforcement agencies and enhancing public safety across communities.


View on BusinessWire: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20240116856821/en/Strategic-Growth-and-Innovation-RollKall-Adds-Derek-Beckman-as-CRO-Ben-Poch-Takes-on-CIO-Role

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