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April 13 2021

Case Study: Off-Duty Coordinator Reduces Administrative Workload and Expands Business With RollKall

Customer Stories

Deputy Carlos Gallo has been a part of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department in Houston for nearly 20 years. About 12 years ago, he started coordinating off-duty jobs. The department has nearly 7,000 sworn officers, a large number of whom work off-duty. Gallo started using RollKall to help with off-duty coordination in October 2020.

Before RollKall, he would take a call from a business, hand write notes and job details, then text or call a core group of officers to get the job covered. This meant he also had to manually keep a schedule of when the officers were working on-duty, what days they were available for off-duty, and track the number of off-duty hours they worked. Once the jobs were complete, he went through his notes to create an invoice to email or fax the customer, following up until payment was complete.

"Before RollKall it took me several hours to coordinate all the jobs. Probably more time than it should have. It got to the point where being a coordinator became frustrating, I didn’t want to deal with all the hassle.- Deputy Carlos Gallo

Eventually, it became too much. Gallo was spending well over 10 hours a week coordinating off-duty work, on top of his on-duty responsibilities. He felt frustrated and burnt out. Over the years when the demands of coordinating got overwhelming, Gallo gave up contracts with certain businesses. Feeling frustrated by the process, Gallo knew he needed a better solution, and he turned to a fellow coordinator who introduced Gallo to RollKall. Gallo was skeptical at first, but quickly realized the time-savings and benefits RollKall could deliver.

Like many coordinators, Gallo worried RollKall would automate him out of the process. But as he got acquainted with the technology, it became clear it would make his job easier but he would definitely still have an important part to play.

Instant Time Savings

Gallo and his core group of officers started using RollKall, and he instantly saw massive time savings in his weekly coordination efforts. Tasks like setting departmental standards for jobs, capping hours officers can work, and adding equipment/coordinator fees became significantly easier. He is able to put job details into RollKall, post the job to his core group of officers, and get the job scheduled in a matter of minutes. If someone takes a shift and ends up not being able to work it, he can repost it and find a replacement within five minutes.

In addition to the scheduling time savings, invoicing and payments are now automated on the platform. His officers simply mark the jobs as completed and the clients are sent an invoice that they can pay with ACH or credit card. What used to take hours, if not days, is now done in 30 minutes or less.

"RollKall’s platform is like having a partner that never sleeps. It saves me about 90 to 95% of the time spent on off-duty coordination." - Deputy Carlos Gallo

With this amount of time savings, Carlos is now able to take on more off-duty clients. He coordinates nearly 3x the number of jobs he was before, and he can easily handle bigger jobs with access to more officers. Most of the time, Gallo uses his core group of 20-25 officers to fill positions, but as-needed he opens jobs up to officers across the Houston area. In the past, this would have required hours of phone calls and texts.

Expanding Business, Together

Gallo says he expected time savings and ease of administrative workload when adopting RollKall, but what he didn’t expect was a partner in expanding his book of off-duty business.

When Gallo approaches bigger companies in attempts to get off-duty contracts in place, many of these companies try to write-in indemnity clauses that puts liability on the Harris County Sheriff’s Department. Department policy prohibits Gallo from signing such a contract. It will not take on the liability for off-duty work. This was a big hang-up for a lot of businesses and often stood in the way of a deal.

With RollKall, the officer working the shift, the client, and the department or coordinator all have access to General Liability Insurance. With all parties insured, Gallo is able to close more deals.

"The ability to have an insurance policy is mandatory for a lot of these companies. Having the insurance included allowed me to finalize four new deals in just the past couple of months.” - Deputy Carlos Gallo

Clear Oversight

One of Gallo’s favorite things about RollKall is his ability to oversee the extra-duty jobs he is coordinating. As a coordinator, he considers the officers he assigns to jobs to be a representation of himself, and RollKall allows him to make sure they are being professional and providing top notch service to clients.

In the RollKall app, officers clock-in and -out of jobs upon arrival. If enabled - the app will GPS track the officers while they are working the job. This allows Gallo to monitor his officers and be sure they are where they need to be, when they need to be there, and he can show that to clients if there are any questions.

Gallo says the pass down logs in the RollKall app are also very useful. His officers are able to take notes and pictures throughout off-duty shifts, and the next officer to work that post can view them and instantly have access to important information. Plus, clients can check the logs to see that the officers checked the areas they were supposed for things such as signs of forced entry.

Gallo takes pride in providing the highest level of service to his clients, and RollKall enables him to prove that he and his officers are doing just that.

“Rollkall has provided next level transparency between me, the deputies, and the client. I’ve heard it all, ‘Where was the officer? What was he doing?’. The ability to take out any doubt or concern about the services rendered is invaluable.” - Deputy Carlos Gallo

Partners for the Future

Moving forward, Gallo plans to continue growing his coordinating business through RollKall. Not only does he now have time to handle a larger book of business, he also has the tools and capabilities that give him an edge in contract negotiations.

“I honestly cannot imagine ever going back to my old way of doing things. It would be like driving with square tires. It wouldn’t be possible. I consider RollKall my partner.

Despite my initial hesitation, I now know my jobs are safe with RollKall and that my team at RollKall is here to help. Having that trust is so huge for cops like me. I tell other coordinators ‘if the goal is to succeed and get long term clients, you have to give RollKall a shot’.”

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