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October 3 2023

RollKall Insights: Answers to Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

Any time something new, especially technology, is brought into law enforcement, there’s a natural inclination to have a lot of questions about what it is and how it works. RollKall is no exception. If your department has put a new off-duty/extra-duty program in place, you need to know how it works and it’s our job to show you. Here are some common questions we get from officers and police departments as they start to explore working with RollKall.

What is RollKall? Is it software, is it an app, or is it a service like the other off-duty solutions?

RollKall is a technology software solution comprised of a platform for agencies and coordinators and a mobile app for officers.  It was created by a former police officer, and it is specifically designed for off-duty/extra-duty work. Most law enforcement agencies use the RollKall platform to internally schedule, manage, oversee, invoice, pay and ensure transparency in off-duty jobs. However, the team at RollKall can also manage the whole process for the agency as a managed service. 


Does RollKall take over the whole off-duty process or can the department’s off-duty coordinators still manage the vendors and the officers?

RollKall is a technological solution specifically designed to support off-duty coordinators and special event teams in streamlining administrative processes - not to replace them. Each agency chooses how they want RollKall to help them manage their program. The coordinators can manage the whole process using the RollKall platform, or they can use the RollKall team to fully manage everything from start to finish. Alternatively, a department can even choose a hybrid approach where they manage some jobs internally on the RollKall platform and RollKall manages some jobs on their behalf. We’re flexible and adaptable enough to implement an approach that fits each department’s unique requirements. 


What about officers? How does the RollKall mobile app support them?

For officers, the RollKall mobile app makes it easy to find and apply for off-duty work. They can also set up notifications to get pinged whenever a job is available, they can leave job notes for other officers working the same detail on a different day or shift, chat with other officers who are on the same job and they have the option for insurance if it isn’t already provided. 


Is job distribution fair for officers?

RollKall is configured so jobs are distributed how the agency requires. For example, jobs can be distributed on a "first-come, first-served basis," by seniority, or how many hours an officer has worked, etc. A coordinator can even set up groups of officers if they are used to rotating the same group of officers to work certain jobs. The assignment rules are up to the department - the job assignment process can be set up however the agency prefers.


Do officers get charged a fee to use RollKall?

There is no fee to the agency or the officer to use the RollKall platform or mobile app. With the RollKall mobile app, officers can find and apply for jobs, clock in and out, and monitor their payment status. The ONLY way officers will ever be charged is if 1.) they want “InstantPay,” which allows them to get paid immediately (even if the business has not paid for the job yet), or 2.) they choose occupational accident insurance, which is only necessary if their agency doesn’t cover off-duty work or opts not to add workers compensation to the vendor fee. That’s it. These are both optional to the officer in a situation where they need their pay on the same day or if they need insurance for an off-duty job. 


Does RollKall hold an officer’s payment?

Short and direct answer: NO. NEVER.

Transparency is important to us, so we want you to know how the payment process works:

  • You clock out of your off-duty job in the RollKall mobile app
  • Your agency coordinator approves the invoice (if required by your agency)
  • The business that hired you receives and pays the invoice
  • When the payment clears, RollKall IMMEDIATELY transfers the payment to you

Full disclosure: You know how the banking business works and that payment processing can take time depending on a multitude of things. Typically, it takes between 2-3 business days once the business pays, but it could take up to 5 days, depending on the bank processing times (weekends, holidays, etc.). 

If your agency allows RollKall to automatically generate an invoice once you clock out, that will remove the job coordinator step mentioned above, and of course, can speed up the process. But we don’t, and will never, hold an officer’s payment.


How fast do officers get paid?

Typically, 3-5 days from the date the business pays their invoice. We do not influence or negotiate any payment terms between the business and your agency. It’s up to the agency to write up those payment terms and set expectations for the business to pay (i.e. 5, 15, or 30 days). Those terms, of course, vary from agency to agency and even business to business.


Does RollKall guarantee payments to officers working extra duty?

That’s up to the agency and its legal team’s position on the officer’s employment status. Guaranteed payments to officers who work off-duty jobs as a 1099 independent contractor may run the risk of creating co-employment situations with their agency. Read the full explanation of requirements as a 1099 contractor and how RollKall helps protect their 1099 status.


What if something happens to an officer on the job? Will their medical expenses be covered?

Off-duty work isn’t always as intense as the day-to-day on patrol, but officers can still get hurt working extra jobs. If working as a 1099/independent contractor, the agency’s policy may not cover those expenses. That’s why RollKall provides access to a few different types of insurance - like workers’ compensation and occupational accident insurance - depending on how the agency sets up the RollKall platform and expects from vendors. 


Does RollKall dictate, create, or mandate an agency’s policies?

Never. We are adaptable to accommodate any agency’s off-duty/extra-duty policies, and we provide the transparency needed to monitor compliance between each stakeholder—complete with reporting and documentation. We implement your policies, but we never dictate, create or mandate them. 


Do businesses have to pay online?

With RollKall, businesses can pay through ACH or credit card online, making the process quicker for everyone. But if they’re old-fashioned, they can still write a check or pay by cash if that’s how they run their books.



If there’s something you want to ask that we didn’t answer, we’re happy to fill in any blanks! You can call us at (877) 762-8467 or fill out a form online and we’ll get right back to you.

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