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November 10 2022

Veterans Day Spotlight: Nick McHale

This year, RollKall is excited to honor Veterans by honoring one of our own!

Nick McHale, a Business Development Executive at RollKall, is also a 1st Lieutenant and an Infantry Platoon Leader in the National Guard. Here are a few interesting facts about Nick and his service with the National Guard.

All in the Family Both of Nick’s grandfathers are Veterans, serving as major influences in his decision to join the military.

An Early Start Nick knew he wanted to join the military by the time he was in high school, he was awarded an ROTC scholarship to attend Indiana University where he earned his degree while training to begin his military career. 

Game On Nick was sworn in during half-time at one of Indiana University’s football games.

Keeping His Feet on the Ground Originally, Nick was on track to become an Army aviator. However, at the point of decision, Nick felt a spiritual calling to work more with people. He wanted to be in the trenches and use his natural leadership skills and instincts to provide a positive influence to the soldiers on the ground. As a result, he joined the Army Infantry. (One of his grandfathers was also in the infantry.)

“I felt like I would have so much more of an impact on people being in the infantry than being a pilot.”

The Call of the Wild Mountain Warfare training reminded Nick of an awesome family trip to Colorado and rejuvenated his love of the outdoors. He is now constantly seeking mountains, climbing and outdoor adventure in his personal life. 

On Getting Caught with Your Pants Down During Mountain Warfare training, Nick’s shelter became flooded during a rainstorm, causing him to toss his wet clothes out of the shelter. The next morning, after everyone was already up, he had to jump up to retrieve them wearing only a sleeping bag. 

“Situations stink but it could always be worse and there’s always another day to keep on going.”

Rolling Up the Shirt Sleeves As an officer, Nick is motivated to show his unit that he is right there with them, to show them what hard work is in order to create a highly functional unit that’s effective in a combat situation. 

A Natural Born Leader Nick is looking forward to rising in the ranks and becoming a Company Commander, which would put him in charge of 140 men and women working together. He is excited about the organizational challenges the position faces as well as mentoring younger officers. 

Thank you, Nick, for bringing an endless sense of positivity into your military experience and for all that you do!

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