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July 13 2021

Top Three Reasons Law Enforcement Agencies are Turning to Off Duty Management Software


As the country emerges from an unprecedented year in our nation’s history, businesses are feeling the need for enhanced security.  As businesses return to pre-pandemic levels of operation they’re seeking a higher degree of security.

With more clients to serve and heightened attention on accountability in all aspects of policing, more and more law enforcement agencies are considering off-duty management platforms to replace manual processes. And for good reason. There are three main drivers of off-duty management software adoption: efficiency, compliance, and ease of administration. 


Pen and paper, or Excel, were sufficient for coordinating a handful of requests, but a faster process is necessary to manage the workload in today’s environment and to expand and improve service to the community. Using a scheduling tool helps save time by:

  • Filling open jobs quickly, easily and with fairness
  • Minimizing texts and communication regarding off duty while on duty
  • Save time managing call-offs
  • See all off duty jobs and schedules in one place

With an all-in-one platform, scheduling can be completed in a fraction of the time. Some coordinators have said using an off-duty management tool cuts the time spent coordinating by as much as 90%. 


Police officers didn’t go to the academy for 18 months to become accounting clerks. Tracking hours, generating invoices, following up on invoices and ensuring officers get paid is, generally, the bane of every off-duty coordinator’s existence. Off duty management software makes administrative functions easier with:

  • Combined invoices including all officer, coordinator and equipment fees
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Electronic payment processing
  • Quicker payment to officers
  • Easy job reference in the case of a dispute

Getting invoices paid, and then officers paid is a slow and arduous process. With off-duty management software, invoices are instantly generated with all fees included and the process is fully managed online. 


Now more than ever, command staff feels pressure to be transparent in all police activities. There can be nothing left to question when it comes to operating with integrity, complying with city and department policies, and ensuring fairness in the administration of off-duty programs.

Documentation of off duty contributes to transparency with:

  • GPS-enabled time tracking
  • Visibility into officer hours
  • On-the-job chat function between officers
  • Documentation of every job detail

In an era when many police departments are trying to do more with fewer resources, an off-duty/extra duty platform can be the coordinator’s best friend. With the time savings created through scheduling and electronic invoicing, departments can grow the volume of off-duty services offered to the community. 

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