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March 26 2024

Podcast: RollKall Founder Chris White’s Journey Of Duty, Family, And Dedication to Supporting Law Enforcement

Chris White, co-founder and chairman of RollKall, recently joined the Texas Municipal Police Association’s (TMPA) Blue Grit podcast to share his experience. Join us on a captivating journey through the life and experiences of Chris White a former officer whose path intertwines duty, family, and dedication to supporting law enforcement.


The Early Days: Rural Policing

Chris White's journey began in the heart of East Texas, where he started his law enforcement career in Cherokee County. The early days shaped his perspectives and instilled in him a deep sense of duty and commitment to serve and protect his community.

Facing the unique challenges of patrolling small towns and close-knit communities, Chris learned the importance of building relationships and earning the trust of the people he served. He gained valuable experience in handling a variety of situations, from routine traffic stops to more serious investigations.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship: A New Chapter

After his successful tenure in law enforcement, Chris embarked on a new chapter in his life by venturing into his own off-duty security business. Drawing from his experiences in working and managing off-duty jobs, he saw an opportunity to innovate and make a lasting impact while continuing to work with law enforcement. 

With a dedication to supporting his community and the officers he worked with, Chris collaborated with his long-time friend Ben Poch to develop the software that would become RollKall. Through their leadership and vision, they have revolutionized the way law enforcement agencies manage off-duty/extra-duty details, ensuring efficiency and compliance for the agency, officer, coordinator and business hiring officers through RollKall’s technology. 

Lessons Learned: Balancing Duty and Family

Throughout his career, Chris learned the delicate art of balancing duty and family. He understands the sacrifices that law enforcement professionals make, often spending long hours away from their loved ones to protect their communities.

Chris believes that maintaining a strong support system is crucial for both personal and professional growth. He emphasizes the importance of open communication, setting boundaries, and making quality time for family, even in the midst of demanding responsibilities.

Legacy and Community: Reflecting on a Lifetime of Service

Reflecting on his lifetime of service, Chris recognizes the deep impact his career in law enforcement has made on his life. Beyond the badge and uniform, he cherishes the rich life lessons and enduring camaraderie that define this unique profession.

Chris's legacy extends beyond his individual achievements, and he remains dedicated to supporting and uplifting the law enforcement community. Through his stories and experiences, he inspires others to embrace their own journey and find fulfillment in serving others.

Watch the video podcast to hear about Chris' experiences on the TMPA Blue Grit podcast

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