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December 13 2023

RollKall Appoints Forward-Thinking CEO, Signals a Big Leap of Future Growth and Innovation

Irving, Texas – December 13, 2023 – RollKall, the leading provider of innovative law enforcement technology solutions, celebrates a significant milestone in its decade-long journey with the appointment of Brad Duea as its new Chief Executive Officer. This pivotal moment comes as RollKall marks its 10th anniversary, reflecting relentless dedication to improving law enforcement’s on-duty and off-duty community support.

Duea, a seasoned leader in emerging markets and the technology sector, brings a wealth of experience, and his track record features transformative roles at Napster, T-Mobile, SONOS, and Restaurant Revolution Technologies. His unique blend of professional expertise and personal connection to public safety, nurtured in a family business serving the fire service, positions him perfectly to lead RollKall's next phase of growth and innovation.  Expressing his excitement about the new role, Brad stated, “I am grateful to be joining the RollKall team on its mission to empower law enforcement agencies. The platform is a game-changing solution that is helping improve public safety with cutting-edge tools to improve how first responders meet the community’s needs with operational effectiveness.”

Chris White, RollKall’s Founder, will maintain his position as the Chairman of the  Board of Directors and work closely with Duea as RollKall continues to evolve. White underscored the significance of this appointment: "As we reflect on a decade of achievements and partnerships and plan and prepare for the next decade, I am thrilled Brad is joining our team and leading it into the next phase of innovation. His dynamic leadership and shared passion for serving first responders align seamlessly with RollKall’s vision. We're excited that Brad will build upon our successes and continue delivering exceptional solutions and value to law enforcement agencies, officers, and the communities they serve."

RollKall's commitment to empowering law enforcement agencies and first responders is demonstrated through its comprehensive extra-duty technology, including software for managing off-duty officer requests, scheduling, invoicing, a payments platform, managed services, and insurance options to meet the needs of law enforcement officers working overtime. These offerings reflect RollKall's dedication to auditability, transparency, compliance, and efficiency, reinforcing its role as a trusted partner in public safety.

As RollKall steps into a new decade, the team, led by Duea, will remain focused on its mission: delivering best-in-class technology for on-duty and off-duty process management and payment solutions. This commitment is rooted in RollKall’s enduring foundation and the driving force behind its innovative solutions.

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For more information about RollKall and its transformative impact on law enforcement technology, visit www.rollkall.com/about-us.

About RollKall:
RollKall is the leading provider of law enforcement technology solutions designed to enhance officer scheduling, communication, and efficiency. The company's mission is to empower law enforcement agencies with cutting-edge tools to improve public safety and operational effectiveness. RollKall's customizable platform is trusted by agencies nationwide to streamline workflows and enhance officer performance.

Ana Mehryari

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