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April 11 2023

Extra-Duty Your Way: Limit Job Visibility & Maintain Control with Flexible Options

A solution to manage and administer off-duty jobs shouldn’t require the agency, coordinators, or officers to make sacrifices. Any extra-duty solution worth implementing and using should provide an approach that is customizable. Most importantly, it must  meet the needs of the agency, to ensure policy is being upheld and to make sure the job assignment process is fair and fast for the officers working extra jobs.

What are some of the most important ways to maintain agency control and customization at a granular level?

Determine Who Has Visibility and Access to an Agency’s Extra-Duty Jobs

With today’s technology, extra-duty work seems like it can easily be scheduled and filled. However, it’s important to maintain control of who can see and apply for extra-duty jobs to make sure your officers are getting the jobs they want and need while upholding the reputation of the agency within the community it serves.

There are situations where an agency might need to pull officers from outside jurisdictions to fulfill community requests or to staff a large special event.

That’s why the RollKall Platform and Mobile App allow agencies to customize their job visibility so that some or all jobs remain visible only within their agency while other specific jobs may be made visible to select outside or neighboring agencies. 

RollKall takes it a step further giving agencies the option to open up jobs within their department for a set number of days, and then open any remaining jobs to select other departments. This feature is entirely optional to turn on and is not a default setting.

This customization ensures all officers within the agency get the extra-duty work they want, while also providing the flexibility to allow outside help when it is needed.

Configure Job Assignments Within an Agency

A fully-configurable tool allows agencies and coordinators to customize job assignments allowing the agency and officer to fulfill the vendor's needs best.

Even within jobs that are only available internally, making sure those jobs can be customized is also important. This can help agencies regulate job assignments by hours worked (to prevent overwork, officer fatigue or double dipping), and to allow jobs to become available by seniority, rank or position. 

Have it Your Way: Manage Extra-Duty In-house, Outsource the Administration or Both 

Agencies shouldn’t be forced into one way of managing their extra-duty jobs. Did you know there are various ways to control how your off-duty program is managed? While some agencies like to keep extra-duty administration with internal coordinators, others prefer to entirely outsource the process.

Using a technology solution but keeping the management in-house has advantages, like maintaining control and mitigating costs. Outsourcing extra duty also has advantages, like easing the administrative burden of scheduling and invoicing from agency staff. Different agencies have different priorities and different levels of bandwidth when it comes to off-duty administration, so it’s important to be able to choose. Ideally, an extra-duty solution will let you choose either a DIY, use a managed services approach - or a hybrid of both, if needed.

When it comes to choosing an option to manage extra duty, the key is having the control to customize and configure who manages the jobs, who can see and apply for jobs and the ability to drill down into position-level specifics and requirements. To learn more about how RollKall can help you make off-duty easier while maintaining robust customization options, schedule a demo.

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