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February 24 2023

RollKall President Chris White Speaks to the Importance of RapidSOS Integration

We sat down with RollKall CoFounder and CEO, our own Chris White, to learn more about the recent decision to integrate and partner with RapidSOS, an intelligent safety platform linking Emergency Communication Centers with first responders.

Chris-WhiteChris White is the President and co-founder of RollKall and a veteran law enforcement officer. He began his career in law enforcement more than 25 years ago. During his extensive career in public service, he worked many weekends and evenings on off-duty jobs and began coordinating off-duty work for his agency. After years of juggling off-duty coverage for multiple clients, he co-founded RollKall, a mobile app and platform for managing off-duty details.  

What challenge is RollKall aiming to solve?

We offer law enforcement agencies an easy-to-use online scheduling and payment solution to help them provide safety and protective services to local businesses when officers are working security details for the private sector. We work directly with law enforcement agencies, making it simple for them to address vendor needs, communicate details with officers, handle scheduling and invoicing to ensure department regulations and guidelines are followed.

The RollKall solution also provides these job details to agency stakeholders to help them maintain policy compliance and transparency. Through RollKall, agencies also gain access to insurance to cover officers, vendors and agencies if an off-duty incident occurs.

What is the RollKall and RapidSOS integration?

The integration with RapidSOS improves the communication between off-duty officers and ECCs to help offer more police coverage if an emergency occurs. By streamlining the process, dispatch centers immediately know what officers are working off-duty and where they are located - eliminating the need for officers to physically call ECCs as they begin their off-duty shift.

Why did RollKall become RapidSOS Ready? 

Integrating with RapidSOS aligns with our goals of streamlining processes for agencies and helping law enforcement create safer communities.

What is RollKall looking forward to in this partnership?

We’re excited to work with RapidSOS so we can help foster more efficient processes for law enforcement and help them better serve their communities. RollKall’s integration with RapidSOS to streamline communication between off-duty officers and ECCs is a logical expansion of both organizations’ services. Through this partnership we’re able to give ECC’s increased access and visibility to all officers in their area.

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