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March 26 2021

What To Ask on Off-Duty RFPs


Many law enforcement agencies are making moves to streamline the time-consuming task of extra-duty coordination. With multiple program management systems available, the city or county procurement office will almost certainly require a formal request for proposal (RFP) to find the right extra-duty solutions for their agency. But, if they don’t have experience soliciting bids for such law enforcement management solutions, what exactly is being requested? What’s important to know from a potential provider?

In a nutshell, it’s important to dive deep on the company’s history in law enforcement. Does the provider understand the ins and outs of law enforcement and off-duty coordination? Also, be clear about asking which key pain points the platform will resolve and deliver against broad goals like time savings, accountability, and transparency. More specifically, what invoicing tools, general liability coverage, and other administrative assets can the solution deliver to make extra duty run as smoothly as possible? Last but not least, is there customer support available to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success?

Ask the right questions at the start to feel confident in the solution you choose for your department. Learn more about common questions to ask in an RFP for off-duty or extra-duty management systems in RollKall’s latest guide Important Questions to Include on Off-Duty Solution RFPs.

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