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December 29 2020

Top 10 Reasons To Use an Off-Duty Management Platform

Many law enforcement agencies and off-duty coordinators run extra-duty programs without the help of a management platform. Whether that be with pen and paper, or Excel spreadsheets, it is undeniably a tedious process. Management platforms, such as RollKall, help ease some of these pain points by providing needed administrative support, transparency, and efficiency. Here are the top 10 reasons LEAs and coordinators should consider using an off-duty management platform:

1. Automation With Flexibility and Ease of Use

Managing all aspects of an off-duty program without a technology solution requires a lot of time and effort. By utilizing an easy-to-use platform, LEAs and coordinators can automate time-consuming tasks like scheduling and invoicing. This eliminates the need to call and text multiple officers to get the jobs filled and solve invoicing issues. 

2. Transparency and Auditability

When an LEA tracks all off-duty work completed by its officers through one platform, it adds needed transparency into the extra-duty program. A solution platform’s instant reporting provides insight into key data for audit compliance. This can help protect both the LEA and the officers. 

3. Increased Control for Off-Duty Policy Compliance

LEAs and coordinators can ensure off-duty work schedules and policies are being followed in real-time. The platform can be set up to restrict the number of hours and shifts officers are allowed to work, which means officers won’t be able to accept or apply for jobs if it would be in violation of an agency policy. 

4. Fair Job Scheduling 

When users of the platform assign jobs to officers, they have a choice in who gets first access to the jobs. The jobs can be assigned based on seniority, how many off-duty hours the officers have worked, certain certifications, or other parameters important to the agency. If specific officers always work certain jobs, the system can be set up to automatically assign those positions. 

5. Visibility Into Time Worked and No-Shows

Certain solutions can be set up so that officers are required to clock-in and clock-out on a mobile app upon arrival and departure for off-duty jobs. Some platforms have GPS-tracking to view where officers are while working the jobs. This allows LEAs and coordinators to ensure officers work the jobs they are assigned for the shift they are assigned, and to instantly see if an officer showed or no-showed a job. 

6. Quick Replacement for Call-Offs

Finding replacements for off-duty positions when an officer has to call-off or doesn’t show up for the job, can be tedious. A technology solution allows LEAs and coordinators to quickly repost the job and find a replacement for the shift. This helps to keep businesses and organizations happy with the off-duty services provided.

7. Streamlined Invoicing 

Creating manual invoices for off-duty work can be cumbersome and time-consuming for both officers and coordinators. It’s especially difficult when coordinator fees, agency fees, and equipment fees are invoiced separately and require compiling. To add, if a business has a dispute, the process can take weeks. With an off-duty platform, invoices are instantly generated by the system with fees included and fully managed online. 

8. Faster Payments

For those departments not partnered with an off-duty management platform, it’s likely that payments for off-duty are only accepted by check. Using a technology solution allows LEAs, officers, and coordinators to accept ACH and credit card payments, and even require businesses to pre-pay for jobs. This greatly speeds up the time it takes for all involved parties to receive payment. 

9. Access to General Liability Insurance

When jobs are booked through a platform, officers, LEAs, and the business requesting the off-duty work, all get access to General Liability Insurance. This not only protects clients and officers, should something happen during the shift, but it also protects LEAs. 

10. Build Relationships With Businesses

Many businesses and organizations are unaware that hiring off-duty police officers is even an option. With off-duty solutions platforms, access to law enforcement agencies and their officers is easier than ever before. This provides more opportunities for off-duty work and helps foster better relationships with the community. 

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