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March 4 2021

Survey: Most Americans Feel Safer in Public When Uniformed Officers Are Present

RollKall recently conducted a national survey aimed at discovering the general public’s sentiments on public safety, the impact of law enforcement presence, and overall awareness of the extra-duty industry. 

The study found that over 75% of respondents are more likely to frequent public spaces when a uniformed officer is present, but that many of those respondents are unaware that officers work in off-duty capacities separate from their on-duty responsibilities.  

Results suggest customers feel safer when officers are around, and business owners want to provide that sense of security. However, business owners and employers, of which 60% say they would consider hiring off-duty police officers, but nearly 30% are unaware it’s an option need more awareness about how to hire an off-duty officer to provide security to their establishment. 

“Almost half of the officers at many of our largest law enforcement agency partners work extra-duty jobs in their communities, so it’s very common knowledge among local officers, but this survey speaks to the greater need for awareness outside of law enforcement,” said Steven Power, RollKall President, in a recent article on businesswire.

“People want to feel safe, especially now that we live in an environment perpetuated by COVID fears, as well as social or political scares. Our mission is to connect businesses with law enforcement agencies and officers by providing a more efficient way to better protect local businesses, employees and visitors in any public space, which ultimately results in greater peace of mind for all.”

We’ve compiled the key findings of the survey in this guide. We will also release an ebook soon that takes a deeper dive into the study and what it means for both law enforcement agencies and businesses. So, stay tuned.

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