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November 1 2021

Key Considerations When Choosing an Off Duty Management System

Managing off-duty jobs for officers involves a lot of moving parts. Between scheduling, invoicing, payments and even considerations like insurance and reporting, make sure you're choosing an off-duty management system that covers everything.

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Here are six important considerations when choosing a management system for off-duty coordination.

Comprehensive Insurance

It's imperative to make sure your officers, agency and businesses are covered in the event an incident occurs during an off-duty detail. Does the service or tool you are looking at providing access to general liability, workers' compensation and/or occupational accident insurance?

Integrated Tax Processing

As any officer that regularly works off-duty is well aware, managing all the forms and paperwork come tax season can become an arduous task. Does the solution or service collate all 1099's to minimize this administrative burden come tax season?

Flexibility and Customization

Is the service and platform easy-to-use and flexible enough to customize to each LEAs policy needs? Are there multiple options to suit an LEAs ever-growing needs, from simple scheduling to a self-serve platform or even a completely managed program?

Electronic Invoicing and Payments

Manual invoicing and waiting for a paper check in the mail can become a lengthy process. Are there tools that offer one-click electronic invoicing and options for online payments?

Robust Reporting for Compliance

Does the solution have tools available, like reporting and cell tower ping clock-in and out, to improve off-duty oversight and provide quick and easy reference in case a question arises?

Instant Pay and Direct Deposit

Do officers have an option to get paid electronically directly after the shift is completed?

Officer Mobile App

If it's not easy, the officers will be hesitant to participate. Is there an easy-to-use mobile option for officers to find jobs, apply and clock in and out?

A Portal for Everyone

A comprehensive solution will address the needs of every stakeholder in the process. Does the business, LEA, coordinator and other staff members each get their own unique portal to invoice, set department settings, manage jobs or make or receive payments?

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