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July 29 2021

Enabling transparency for off-duty officers with the right tools


Most police departments have off-duty officers programs and policies to govern them. Among other things, policies may include limits on the number of hours an officer can work, parameters around the use of department equipment, and conflict of interest guidance. 

But the best-laid plans and policies are only effective if they’re followed by off-duty officers. Using manual processes, like an Excel spreadsheet, to staff and manage off-duty work makes it next to impossible to monitor and improve policy compliance.   

Off-duty management platforms make it possible to document every detail and make sure the program is compliant with department policies. They serve as a gatekeeper and repository of information on every off-duty detail to help ensure:

  • Compliance. RollKall makes it possible to input policies and enforce them. For example, the platform will not allow officers to accept a job or clock time if they’ve already reached the maximum number of hours allowed for off-duty. If an officer doesn’t have certain qualifications (like a specific rank), they will not be allowed to apply for certain jobs.
  • Fairness. With the visibility you get from RollKall, it’s easy to see if jobs are being distributed fairly. It helps ensure there is no cherry-picking of easy or higher-paying jobs and makes it possible to eliminate nepotism in assignments. Command staff has a clear view of who is working where and can be sure that everyone is getting a fair shake at all types of assignments. 
  • Accountability. The GPS tracking enabled by RollKall makes it clear that when and where the officer reported to their off-duty assignment. There is a clear and irrefutable digital documentation of officers’ whereabouts if questions arise.  
  • Transparency. Easy-to-use reports and dashboards make it clear who is working, where, the number of hours worked and just gives a thorough birds-eye view of all jobs.   
  • Clear documentation. Officers can take and input notes and pictures related to the assignment on the app, whether for the hiring business’ knowledge or to help future officers working the detail.  

Law enforcement agencies are under increasing scrutiny. As law enforcement command staff seek to align on- and off-duty work with concerns of the community, leaders are examining every aspect of policing in a new light and leveraging tools for ensuring policy adherence. RollKall helps agencies be responsive to local businesses ’ needs for safety and security while adhering to department policies for effective policing off duty.     


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