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July 21 2021

Building Cohesive Communities Through Your Off-Duty Services


Coordinating off-duty assignments and supporting local businesses with off-duty services was not a part of police academy training. Yet, here you are…helping businesses connect with police officers to build safer and more secure communities.  

Coordinators are on the front lines with local businesses when it comes to meeting the need to provide customers a safe and secure experience. Thankfully, off-duty management platforms make the process easier by alleviating administrative headaches. With scheduling, tracking time and billing automated, some coordinators have cut the time they spend on off-duty by 75% or more. 

With the administrative aspects of the job streamlined, coordinators are freed to focus on adding businesses to their off-duty roster, creating more opportunities for their fellow officers, and supporting the community.  

Creating positive relationships with clients is key to growing off-duty opportunities. Here are a few things coordinators can do to support customers and create a solid foundation upon which to build your department’s off-duty program to the benefit of the community.

View it as a partnership

Become a partner in an important part of their business – safety and security, recognizing that you have knowledge about a field they likely know little about. You and your fellow officers are a valuable part of their business and its success. Offer your expertise and suggestions for improving security and the customer experience when possible.

Make off-duty services easy

For the most part, RollKall does this for you with electronic billing and payment, as well as a generous general liability policy so the business owner doesn’t have to stress about insurance. As the coordinator, be ready to help businesses adapt to the platform and move them along the learning curve with online resources and the help of your customer service representative. 

Know the business

By getting to know the businesses you and your officers serve, you’re better able to anticipate their needs – be it seasonal, product-driven, or event-driven. Being tuned in to the business, its operations and patrons is a great way to develop deeper roots in the community. 

Expand police presence in the community

Effective control of crime requires community participation and assistance. Communities are vital sources of information about criminal activity. Off-duty presents an opportunity to make on-duty more effective and successful by having a larger presence in the community.

Supporting businesses ’ safety and security is supporting their success. Happy off-duty clients translate to more opportunities to grow the department’s engagement with local businesses and support safer communities.

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