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Hassle-free Payments and Invoicing for Off-Duty Jobs with RKPay

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Say Goodbye to the Cumbersome Manual Paper Invoicing & Payment Processes

With RKPay, all LEA and officer job payments and invoicing needs are managed within the RollKall app - no checks or cash needed. Businesses and clients pay for services provided directly through RollKall with a credit card or ACH, and the funds are distributed to all parties through the app. 


RKPay payments and invoicing

RKPay for Law Enforcement Agencies

With RKPay, LEA and officer job payments and invoicing are done within the app - no checks or cash needed. In just minutes, you can sign up in the RollKall online portal to:

  • Manage paper-free invoicing and payments through the secure online portal
  • Accept ACH and credit card payments securely
  • Access General Liability Insurance* (up $1 million per incident)
  • Prevent slow or non-payment by utilizing Pre-Pay which requires businesses to pay prior to scheduling an officer
  • Easily include additional job fees like equipment rental fees, coordinator fees, and LEA service fees
  • Gain insights into payment status at any time
  • Utilize RollKall’s already built-in robust reporting capabilities for payments and invoicing
RKPay for Law Enforcement Agencies

RKPay for Officers

Invoicing and payments are processed instantly through the app so officers no longer have to track down the status of payments or build their own invoices. Officers also get:

  • Instant Pay which allows officers to get paid as soon as a job is completed**
  • Direct deposit payments into their bank account
  • 1099 tax documentation for all jobs scheduled through the app
  • General Liability Insurance* (up to $1 million per incident)
  • Optional additional Occupational Accident Insurance* (up to $100,000)
RKPay for Officers

RKPay for Coordinators

For those officers that coordinate off-duty jobs and charge fees for doing so, RKPay makes the process easy and seamless. Coordinators can:

  • Automatically add fees to officer invoices meaning no more separate invoicing 
  • Receive payment for the off-duty jobs they coordinate at the same time as the officer and department  
  • Quickly check the status of invoices in a web portal
  • Receive direct deposit payments into their bank account
  • Require Pre-Pay for jobs which prevents slow or non-payment 


RKPay for Coordinators

RKPay for Clients

Law enforcement agencies can enable their business vendors to pay for the services provided by an officer, agency, or coordinator without worrying about paperwork or splitting payments. Plus, RollKall files 1099s in our system so LEAs, officers and businesses don’t have to keep track throughout the year and issue the tax documents. This allows the LEA's businesses to:

  • Pay all fees to LEAs and officers in one place with ACH or credit card 
  • Minimize paperwork and handle all invoicing reviews and payments in the RollKall portal
  • Access General Liability Insurance* (up to $1 million per incident) 
  • Access invoices and payment history 
  • Allow RollKall to generate 1099s for officers and coordinators
  • Bill officers as independent contractors rather than company employees


RKPay for Off-Duty Clients

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How It Works

Sign Up

LEA’s and coordinators sign up for RKPay so all off-duty job payments run through the app.

Job Scheduling

Jobs are scheduled and LEA’s have the option to require pre-payment from the business prior to officers being assigned. LEA’s, Businesses and Officers all have the option of utilizing General Liability Insurance (Terms Apply.) 

Invoice Review

After the officer marks a shift as complete, agencies have the option to either automatically send invoices through RollKall, or to review and consolidate prior to sending. Once the business receives the invoice, they can review and make any disputes - if need be.




Payment Completion

After invoice review, businesses pay for the jobs using ACH or credit cards.

Payment Distribution

RollKall’s platform automatically distributes the funds based on your department’s specifications, including coordinator fees, equipment fees, LEA fees and officer payment. This means your officers get paid faster than manual invoicing.

*Terms and conditions apply.
**Processing fees apply.

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