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August 26 2021

How simplifying off-duty benefits law enforcement agencies, government partners and the communities they serve


Off-duty is integral to many police departments and streamlining the process benefits officers, the agency, their government partners and the community at large. 

Why does a government entity care about off-duty activities?

Any time a police officer is in uniform they are still representing their department, their city or county and their community. As a result, government entities and law enforcement agencies are partners when it comes to off-duty management. 

Cohesive off-duty reporting provides seamless oversight

Governmental departments provide an element of oversight into all police activities, ensuring they are running both efficiently and responsibly. Whether it’s in response to voices from the community or as a routine check, local government will often conduct an audit of police department activity and that includes off-duty. 

Maintaining an organized, combined and easy-to-access record of all off-duty activities makes this process easy. This level of off-duty transparency assures the city, county and its citizens and constituents that officers are compliant with department policies. It also helps any government stakeholders and the department get ahead of any issues that may arise.

Mitigating risks and liability in the off-duty environment

Liability is a major concern for any government entity. Using an off-duty management system helps offset potential risks by increasing transparency and liability by providing access to insurance. 

Monitoring officers’ off-duty hours ensures they are not working too many hours, preventing officer fatigue that can become a safety issue both on and off duty. Access to reporting provides further oversight on all job details and officer activities. This helps provide clarity if any question comes up and gives any department or government official a bird’s eye view to get ahead of any potential issues that could pose a safety risk or liability.

Off-duty management tools also often come with insurance to protect the businesses, departments and officers in the event of an incident and to prevent any claims from hitting the city, county or department policies. RollKall offers access to three types of insurance when jobs are invoiced and paid through the platform: general liability, workers’ compensation and occupational accident insurance.

Strengthening Community Connections

A clear and organized off-duty process can positively affect the department’s relationship with community businesses, encouraging greater off-duty participation to find and hire local peace officers. More participation yields broader opportunities to maintain a presence and outreach.

By improving visibility for oversight, mitigating risks and providing an efficient management process, implementing an off-duty solution helps strengthen the partnership between a law enforcement agency and their partners in local government and the communities they serve.


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